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  • 01/07/11 - FaceTime™ Around the World, by Mickey Mellen
  • 01/01/11 - 150K FaceTime™ Calls and Counting, by The FTFun Team
  • 11/01/10 - Another FTFun Milestone, by The FTFun Team

    Another FTFun Milestone

    As we told you in an earlier release, the FTFun! App was approved for sale in the App Store on the evening of October 23, 2010. In less than ten (10) days, the FTFun! App has been downloaded over 1,500 times! This could not have been done without the support of the FTFun Community! The FTFun Team is continuously working to improve the service, adding new functions and features almost daily.

    On another similar note, the FTFun Community has grown by another 1,000 users, placing our headcount at over 6,000 members. Thank you to all and keep telling all of your friends about the service!

    As always, all that we ask of the Community is that you keep having clean, pleasant and safe FTFun!

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  • 10/28/10 - - Connect With Other FaceTime Device Owners, by RogerH
  • 10/27/10 - FTFun links you to other FaceTime users emphasizing community over creepy, by Jeff Cormier
  • 10/24/10 - The FTFun! App has been approved!, by The FTFun Team

    The FTFun! App has been approved!

    The FTFun! App we have been telling you about all this time has finally been approved by Apple! We encourage each and every one of you to download the FTFun! App!

    Either go to the App Store and search for FTFun or simply click the link on our homepage or within this Press Release to download the FTFun! App. Please note, this is our very basic version 0.3 App. We will continue making enhancements, updates and feature integrations, but really wanted to get this App out to our Community as soon as possible so you can enjoy FTFun from the comfort of your iOS device.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could leave positive feedback for the App as it will help the Community grow. Send any suggestions for feature additions to us using the contact form found on the FTFun site.

    Another piece of news that we wanted to share with the FTFun Community is an update regarding our size. We have just passed 5,000 users! The App will certainly help to keep our user count growing! Please continue to invite your friends and family as our motto here is always "the more the merrier!"

    All that we ask of the Community is that you keep having clean, pleasant and safe FTFun!

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  • 09/29/10 - FTFun, no friends with an iPhone 4? No problem, by SOS iPhone
  • 09/27/10 - FTFun: First community for users of FaceTime., by Papa Verga
  • 09/26/10 - Meet new people with FaceTime, by John Calistro
  • 09/23/10 -, you needed to prove FaceTime, by Danilo
  • 09/19/10 - Social Network for FaceTime, by Marcelo Ramos

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